Building business goals

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Sharethegoals is a business-to-business consultancy service from Cooplexity Consulting Group

We facilitate the alignment of business objectives, to achieve results and development of the organization, staying involved and focused on strategic priorities.
The whole process of becoming informed about objectives, coming to a consensus on goals, analysing strategies and identifying measures, is an opportunity to connect with and between your teams.
Direct benefits are the multi-perspective approach, a deeper analysis and a better fit to local needs. An indirect but no less relevant benefit is the integration process and team consciousness growth, achieved by building cohesion through participation.
An experienced Associate will help, coordinate and encourage the team, documenting and reporting the outcomes. The procedure to be adapted to each company’s need adds incremental value. If the project is global, coordinated local specialists will tackle cultural differences and language barriers.

Collaborative teams

Understanding the project.

Participating in it.

Knowing the direct impact of one’s contribution.



A collaborative tool of extraordinary simplicity and enormous power will enable employees to work on the goals at a very detailed level following the initial guidelines



A team manager will stimulate the organization using different techniques and technologies to foster high interaction in a short time. This moderation process ensures coordination, and a final report consolidates results.



Our International Associates will tackle language and cultural barriers enabling full potential achievement of international knowledge exchange.

According to the Cooplexity model of collaboration in complexity, establishing a common project acts as the catalyst of the cohesion within teams. Sharethegoals offers the opportunity of conducting a shared analysis of your objectives while involving relevant actors.

We have the team, the methodology and the technology to guide and stimulate your organization during the whole process.


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What Clients Say

It was a magnificent personal experience for me and for my entire team. Through the combination of a novel, inductive and active methodology in which, based on individual knowledge and experiences and developed through the technique of play or simulation, we have acquired learning through discovery, which is consolidated because it is the fruit of our own experience. It immediately and inevitably transfers that learning to our professional work as a team and always seeks applicability in day-to-day operations.
José Poch, General Manager Automotive Foam División Grupo Copo,
I met Ricardo Zamora a few years ago. He presented a teamwork project to us that we  were going to love. The truth is that, due to being novel and atypical, I have to confess,  when the presentation was over my initial idea was to forget about it. However, we  tossed the idea around and decided to send an elite group to take the training. It was a  huge success, a total innovation within our training system, and the most wonderful  thing is that the team had a good time and acknowledged having learned about subjects  as important as communication, teamwork, work systems, etc. Over the last three years,  our entire team of managers and middle managers has gone through this training, with excellent results when applying the acquired knowledge in their usual jobs.
Antonio Mateo, Director of industrial relations and training Lafarge,
The formation of a new team of persons coming from different business areas, andeven from other organisations, to take on a far reaching project resulted in the need to develop a training program that would create a propitious environment for interpersonal knowledge and promote teamwork. But above all, it was necessary to clearly show the challenges and problems that we faced, which is the most novel aspect with respect to a training action. The experience with the Equilibrium Cone was simultaneously gratifying and successful, given that it combined fun aspects (games and simulators) and operational aspects (specific work projects) that satisfied the objectives of both cohesion and efficiency, respectively.
Ricardo Alonso, Director of Corporate Banking Banco Santander,

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